Telco Transformation Through Convergence, Consolidation and Lean Operations

Think!PLM is a single application that manages all product data for all applications comprising CSP’s OSS/BSS systems


  • Product management

    Business is able to launch a new product quickly, without time-consuming development. By simple bundling of fix, mobile, cloud and partner services, CSP’s product portfolio is rich and easily managable at the same time.

  • Customer relationship

    Customer experience is improved through a single order and a single invoice for all services, regardless of back-end systems.

  • Information Technology

    Project risk is reduced as IT can focus on technology by providing generic, catalog-driven components & applications. Single catalog helps to consolidate BSSs or bridge differences between various BSSs.

Marand has made one of the most significant contributions to SID – the complete Billing model. Very few other companies have made this type of contribution.John Reilly, TM Forum